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  • You can’t turn them off!
  • One of the most affordable CPM in comparison to other mediums.
  • Eyes on the road when driving… and on the billboards!
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  • Direct Response
  • Listening, unlike watching, is never passive.
  • Targeted audience.
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Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to attract more of the type of customer I already have?
  • Do I want to reach market that I haven’t reached before?
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social media marketing

  • Real-time Customer Service.
  • Connects with consumer.
  • More than 90% of adults in the US have their mobile device close to them at all times.
  • Social Media Groups allow to target specific types of cliental with direct posts.
  • Social Media is huge!
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google ads

  • Fastest way to appear first on Google searches.
  • Pay per click campaigns are the utmost innovating form of generating calls directly to your business.
  • Keywords help target exact markets
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digital marketing

  • Fusing Google Ads with Social Media Marketing along with Optimizing your website and listing your business on Google maps and every online directory will reap results that are astonishing.
  • Takes a couple of months but will remain for years to come after an effective 1-year campaign
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print & photo

  • A Picture is worth a thousand words» is an old idiom that holds its strength.
  • We say: The right picture will say a lot more for your business!

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audio visual production

  • From Social Media Marketing Videos to T.V Commercials.
  • High-quality full HD video quality.
  • Radio audio spots fully recorded, edited and mastered.
  • Voice overs & Subtitles
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General Market or the fast growing Hispanic Market!

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