Podcast... Can I have one?

Surely you’ve noticed that in the last year there are more and more podcast ads on the internet. For some, this is a format already known for 14 years, but for others, this is the great novelty of this year.

If you are one of the latter ones, you might ask: What is a podcast?

This format was born in 2004 and is nothing more than an audio and / or video file that is available on the internet to be listened to whenever you want. It comes from the union of the words iPod (electronic device where it could be heard initially) and Broadcasting. Fortunately, technology has advanced and today we can listen to them on any electronic device, despite this, it retains its original name.

This format is giving it vigor and a new face to what we traditionally know as radio programs. But their differences and similarities can be highlighted:

  • In both formats, good use of the voice and the organization of content is fundamental. In the same way, they look much better with pre-recorded identifications and a specific duration time.
  • Both admit the use of advertising.
  • Both require recording and editing equipment, however, for the recording of a podcast it is not essential to have a studio; It is enough just having a good computer and microphones (you could even use your cell phone).
  • The radio transmission airs on a defined date and time. The podcast is available to the user at any time and date, to download, or to listen online.
  • Radio programs are subject to the broadcast of the station where they are performed. Podcasts can be recorded at home and be uploaded to different platforms simultaneously.

Given the success of podcasting that does not mean that we all must have a one. Today there are tools for all kinds of content creators and consumers, we just have to find the place where we enjoy making or receiving content from the internet.

If you want to make your own podcast you can start by listening to some of the most successful ones in your country. Take reference of the structure, orientation of content, and duration. Podcasts can cover any topic, and have the freedom to be on the internet. There are no limits of censorship like there is in open radio.

There are infinite podcasts on the web. They cover information topics: News, sports, politics, health. Or entertainment: Humor, lifestyle, shows. You can find them on platforms such as Spotify, Itunes, Ivoox… just to name a few or even accompanied by video on YouTube.

Would you dare to create yours?

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