The Social Networks

Social Networks... are they all the same?

In this digital age, it is common for organizations to use social networks to extend the reach of their brand to a greater number of people. These platforms have been created for greater and more segmented interaction between the public, so it is possible to choose precisely what content you want to see and with which person you want to interact. Each social network has its personality and specific use. Here are the most popular of today and a quick description.


Facebook icon on focus

It is currently the most popular social network for the interaction between people and the distributions of businesses and services. For companies, it has a tool called Pages, with which the business manager can with photos, videos and text sell their products, interact with customers, advertise products and promotions and make public their company’s product or service. This one is a must.


More popular with young people but still very effective. Appropriate to advertise your products and services visually. Recommended for clothing stores, photo services, and tourist places.


It’s a great solution for those who want to say something short and precise. It is the most used to find news in real time. It also allows you to publish images that complement what you want to communicate. Ideal for media.


It is the professional social network par excellence. Used by companies with a large number of staff or people looking for precise profiles in employees. For users, it is the best way to have an updated online Resume. Ideal for employment agencies or administrative offices.

Whatever business you run, there is a social network with the precise tools to obtain what you are looking for. Together with other media, they have arrived to connect with our customers quickly and directly.

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