"Support Local"

How did Support Local Came to Be...

In the summer of 2021, a year after the pandemic, everything began to normalize. When I say normalize, I mean the long period we live in lockdown. Because the uncertainty of the future, there it was. Like a thief on the prowl.

It was at that moment that little by little we returned to our workplaces, many were surprised that they no longer had a workplace, that their employers had begun cutback plans to see if that way they managed to survive with their companies. Many other small businesses decided to close their doors. Adding to all this the pain of every day knowing that a large percentage of people were no longer with us, thousands and millions of people began to reinvent ourselves, in our lives, families, and workplaces.

That was how one afternoon, as we had our regular business meetings, one of us shared an idea that came about as a result of so much uncertainty the city was facing. The idea was to start with a monthly plan to make a completely free video production for small businesses in Houston, sharing their experiences based on three basic questions. How – Why did you start your business- and what you do for the community.

We were to produce something short, where each business can share their story and once we had the finish product, we would give them the video. That was our way to support each other in these difficult times, making this a form of networking for both parties.

We found a lot of meaning in this project and remembered what Henry Ford said “Coming together is the beginning; being together is progress; working together is success.”

After analyzing the project in more depth, we agreed that this was what we wanted and what we were going to do, we still needed another part to close the idea, and that was to talk to our other partner (in charge of editing). We shared the idea of the project, he automatically liked the idea, his yes was resounding.

This is how we started this project (SUPPORT LOCAL) of which we are proud and we hope that many people can benefit from it. Because if you benefit, so do we.


Episode 1 - Laredo Taqueria

In this first episode of Support Local, we explore the homemade Mexican flavors of our friends at Laredo Taqueria on Irvington. We met up with Roy and Freddy, co-owners of this great gem located in the north side of Houston, Texas. This duo not only upheld the family tradition of fresh homemade recipes, but also the same customer-focused environment instilled by their parents who started this business.

Excellent freshly prepared food and amazing people!

Episode 2 - Big Owl Craft Brew House

Support Local episode 2 was fun. We had the opportunity to meet these great people who own and operate Big Owl Craft Brew House and Turkey Forrest Brewing.

Great people, beautiful place and amazing beers!

Victoria, Al, Oscar & Louie, thank you for the opportunity.

Episode 3 - Fabian's Latin Flavor

In our third episode of “Support Local” we explore the experience of Fabian’s Latin Flavors. For over 24 years, Fabian’s Latin Flavors has been bringing what Latin America has to offer to Houston. Good food, drinks, music, dancing and lots of fun.

If you want to enjoy the Latin experience that Houston has to offer, come to Fabian’s Latin Flavors.

Episode 4 - 3h Engineering & Construction

Our 4th episode of “Support Local” we meet up with Jose A. Rocha, the owner of 3h Engineering. It was a great experience to film and listen to how José and his office bring a thought to life and how he contributes to the community with his skills.

Episode 5 - The Collective Real Estate Group

In our fifth episode of “Support Local” we have the pleasure of meeting Lacie Lugo and her team of real estate experts at The Collective Real Estate Group. We got to see how Lacie and her team grew their business by helping their clients buy and sell real estate.

They also sell properties in Mexico. That is why they launched “Buy in Mexico Close in Houston”.

Episode 6 - Westchase District

Episode 6, we meet with Sherry Fox. Sherry is Vice President of Communications for the Westchase District. Sherry’s professionalism and excellent communication skills made this project enjoyable and informative. We learned how their organization is striving to improve and maintain the Westchase District a place we can call home.

Learn more about how Sherry and her colleagues are working together to make the Westchase District a great place to live, work and play.

Episode 7 - Law Office of Joaquin Jimenez

In this episode, we talk to a good friend. Attorney Joaquin Jimenez of the Law Office of Attorney Joaquin Jimenez. For more than 14 years, Juaquín Jiménez has helped the community, most of them in South Houston.

Learn about attorney Juaquín Jiménez and how his office is involved in the community.

Episode 8 - Griffin's Industrial Welding School

Episode 8, In this episode, we meet with Mr. Griffin. Throughout the years, Mr. Griffin has been helping the community by providing the opportunity to learn a skill that can be very rewarding. Check out the video to hear more about it. Hope you like it!

Episode 9 - Venusa Medical Spa

Hello Houston! Here is the  episode 9 of the Support Local Project.

We had the great pleasure of working with Sibel and Bill. Their way of looking at beauty is what differentiates them. “Beauty to us comes from the inside and it expresses out to the world.” That is how Venusa Medical Spa sees it.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.

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