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Do you already have the name of your company?

Find the perfect domain for your page!

The first thing we need when we start building our website is the name of the business with which we will identify ourselves. This is called the “Domain Name”.

Here, we offer you a fast and inexpensive way to start your search.


Why is it important and necessary to have an website?

"If you are not online you practically don't exist"

Today it is essential to have a website, you probably heard this remark “If you are not online you do not exist”

This saying is true… having your business online allows you a myriad of things. It increases your visibility as a business. Visibility in search engines thus reaching any part of the world. It is immediate, and the best way to promote your brand or service.

In addition, having a website will provide credibility to your current and future clients. Hence the importance of having good content, with updated information.

Always make sure you are working with companies that offer you guarantees, and that they can communicate properly.

Quick Tip: It is important that when you decide to build your website, you are the owner of your domain name. There are many places that offer you a monthly service for domain and hosting. The problem with that is that they can hold  your domain name hostage and keep you on their monthly fee plan without releasing your domain name to take elsewhere. 


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